CSPower HTL updated deep cycle solid-state gel battery -make the battery safer and have a longer life!

CSPower Battery HTL solid-state High Temperature Deep Cycle gel battery technology improvement report


1. Super high and low temperature resistance
1.1 The use of special super corrosion-resistant alloys (lead alloy: lead calcium aluminum tin), special grid structure (the diameter of the lifting grid, the tin content of the lifting grid), greatly improves the high temperature environment. Corrosion resistance of the plates.
1.2 The special ratio of positive and negative plates and special electrolyte (high-tech deionized water electrolyte) can effectively improve the hydrogen evolution overpotential of the battery and greatly reduce the water loss in high temperature environment.
1.3 The lead paste formula adopts a high temperature resistant expansion agent, which can perform stably even in a high temperature environment. At the same time, the low-temperature discharge performance of the battery is excellent, and the battery can still work normally even in the environment of -40 °C.
1.4 The battery shell is made of high temperature resistant ABS material, which can effectively prevent the battery shell from bulging or deforming in a high temperature environment.
1.5 The electrolyte is made of nano-scale fumed silica, with large heat capacity and good heat dissipation performance, which can effectively avoid the thermal runaway phenomenon that is easy to occur in ordinary batteries. In low temperature environment, the discharge capacity can be increased by 40% or more. It can still work normally in the environment of 65℃.
1.6 Nano colloidal particles: The particles of the dispersion system are generally transparent colloidal particles between 1 and 100 nanometers, so they are uniformly dispersed and have better penetration characteristics, making the battery more active during charging and discharging.
The role of nanocolloidal electrolytes:

1.6.1 The colloidal electrolyte can form a solid protective layer around the electrode plate, protect the electrode plate from damage and rupture due to vibration or collision, prevent the electrode plate from being corroded, and also reduce the electrode plate bending and deformation when the battery is used under heavy load. The short circuit between the plates will not lead to a decrease in capacity, and has good physical and chemical protection, which is twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries.
1.6.2 It is safe to use, beneficial to environmental protection, and belongs to the true green power supply. The electrolyte of the gel battery is solid, with a sealed structure, and the gel electrolyte never leaks, so that the specific gravity of each part in the battery is consistent. Using a special calcium-lead-tin alloy grid, it is more resistant to corrosion and has better charging acceptance. No electrolyte spillage, no harmful elements to the human body in the production process, non-toxic, non-polluting, avoiding a large amount of electrolyte spillage and penetration during the use of traditional lead-acid batteries. The float current is small, the battery generates less heat, and the electrolyte does not have acid stratification.
1.6.3 Good deep discharge cycle performance. When the battery is deeply discharged and then replenished in time, the capacity can be recharged 100%, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge, so its use range is wider than that of lead-acid batteries.
1.6.4 The self-discharge is small, the deep discharge performance is good, the charging acceptance ability is strong, the upper and lower potential difference is small, and the electric capacity is large. Significant improvements have been made in low temperature start-up capability, charge retention capability, electrolyte retention capability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, and temperature change resistance.
1.6.5 Adapt to a wide range of environments (temperatures). It can be used in the temperature range of -40℃–65℃, especially the low temperature performance is good, suitable for the northern alpine region. It has good seismic performance and can be used safely in various harsh environments. It is not limited by space and can be placed in any direction when using it.

2. Super Longer life
2.1 The unique grid structure, special super corrosion-resistant alloy and unique active material formula greatly improve the utilization rate of active material, and the recovery ability of the battery after deep discharge is excellent, even if it is put to zero volts, it can recover normally , so that the battery has excellent cycle durability, sufficient capacity and long life.
2.2 All high-purity raw materials are used, and the battery self-discharge electrode is small.
2.3 The colloidal electrolyte with lower density is used, and special electrolyte additives are added, which can reduce the corrosion of the electrolyte to the electrode plate, reduce the occurrence of electro-hydraulic stratification, and improve the charge acceptance and overdischarge performance of the battery. Thereby greatly improving the service life of the battery.
2.4 The special radial grid structure is adopted, and the thickness of the 0.2mm plate is increased to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of the battery. The battery can realize the self-protection discharge of the battery during discharge, thereby preventing the battery from being over-discharged.
2.5 The active material of the electrode plate is mainly lead powder. In this technology upgrade, the latest formula of active material is added to the electrode plate, which makes charging and discharging faster and does not affect the lifespan.
2.6 Adopt high-strength tight assembly technology to better ensure the safety of the battery. 4BS lead paste technology, long battery cycle life.
2.7 All use the formation technology after the battery is assembled, which reduces the possibility of secondary pollution of the plates and improves the consistency of the battery. At the same time, the utilization rate of the electrode plate being recycled again is improved. (optionally added)
2.8 Using gas re-chemical synthesis technology, the battery has extremely high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid mist precipitation, safety, environmental protection, and no pollution
2.9 High-reliable sealing technology and high-quality safety valves are used to ensure that the battery has a safe and reliable sealing performance.


CSPower HTL  High temperature deep cycle gel battery with updated technology (more materials inside) without price increasing,  make the battery safer and have a longer life!


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