Which performance will decrease AGM gel battery life ?

Some customers may worry about the batteries decrease barttery life span after long time using .  
Today we cspower battery team would like to share you how to avid battery life span decrease : 
One of the main point  would decrease battery life: Battery Negative Plates Sulfation
The main active material of the battery negative plate is the spongy lead, the negative plates has the following chemical reaction when the battery is charged: PbSO4+ 2e = Pb + SO4, menwhile, the positive plates come up
oxidizing reaction: PbSO4 + 2H2O = PbO2 + 4H+ + SO4- + 2e.
The chemical reaction happens when discharging, its the inverse response of the reaction above, when the hopower of Valve Regulated Sealed lead acid battery becomes insufficient, there’s PbSO4 on the battery lead
plates, both negative and positive plates, long esxitence of PbSO4 will make itself loss active substance, then can’t take part in the chemical reaction. This phenomenon is called: “ Sulfation of active sustance”, at the same
time, Sulfation will decrease active substance, reduce the battery’s effective capacity, also will influence the battery gas absorption capacity. After long time sulfation, the battery will lose efficiency
Why will the suitation happen, mainly because of the reasons as below:
1) VRLA Battery stays long time in discharging condition, or can’t be charged immediately after discharge, just lay aside and uncharged long time.
Under this circumstances, Lead sulfate crystals in active sustances which didn’t Subject to electrochemical reduction increase their quantity, These lead sulfate crystals are
recrystallized to make the particles larger and produce irreversible lead sulfate.
2) Long-term lack of charge, which means the the float charge voltage of entire group of batteries stays Lowthan request long-time (print on battery), result to “Low batteries”.
3) Deep discharge frequently ( battery voltage lower than 1.75-1.80v/per cell when discharge), there are
frequent blackouts in remote areas, and the deep discharge of batteries makes the unreducible lead of sulfuric acid accumulated to a considerable amount in the active substance.
Therefore, in order to prevent the formation of negative sulfation, the battery must always be kept in a fully charged condition.
For any more technology details on batteries,  please feel free to reach our sales team .
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