CSpower Battery Project in the South Africa: Deep Cycle Gel Solar Battery 100AH 12VDC for home solar system

CSPower HTL Series High Temperature Deep Cycle Gel Battery

• Battery Model : HTL12-100
• Quantity : 16pcs 12V 100Ah
• Project Type : Home Power System
• Installation Year: May, 2022
• Warranty service: 3 Years free replacement guarantee
• Customer feedbacks: “Good service, looking for new cooperation next season ”

South Africa Battery Project :  3KW solar Inverter + 16PCS 12V 100AH (reach 48V400AH) 19.2KWH Deep Cycle Gel Battery Bank for Home Power System



For more batteries details, please feel free to reach us any time :

Email: jessy@cspbattery.com


050 CSPOWER deep cycle battery installation in South Africa

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  • Post time: Sep-15-2022