Why VRLA battery will happen water loss?

Why VRLA battery will happen water loss?

Water loss is the main reason of vrla battery capacity decrease, it is related with its poor electrolyte liquid structure. The water loss of battery is the main reason to affect battery life, over-loss of water will lead the battery liquid decrease and battery capacity decrease.


Maintenance free battery is working in poor electrolyte liquid status, its electrolyte is completely stored in separators. Once water loss, the battery capacity will decrease, when the water loss reach to 25%, the battery life will be end. Of course, because of too high charge voltage, the electrolyte reaction increase, gas release speed become higher, water loss will happen for sure. And also if the battery work temperature increase, but the charge voltage is not been adjusted, will happen water loss, too.


Main reason of Battery capacity decrease is water loss. Once the battery met water loss, the battery positive/negative lead plates will not touch the separator and electrolyte is not enough to react, so the battery has no power out. Although storage battery adopts oxygen cycle technology, will minimum the water loss of electrolyte, however, waterloss caused by below reason cann’t be avoided during use:

1. If the float voltage set is suitable for current battery (as different factory has different request), will occur big affect on battery life. When the float voltage a little high or the battery temperature increase, must immediately decrease the float voltage, otherwise, the battery float voltage over-high, so the over charge current will increase, then the oxygen recombination reaction efficiency will decrease, finally will happen water loss, and speed up the battery water loss progress.

2. High frequency use will speed up the corrosion of positive lead plates grid, the result of positive lead plates grid is that the lead in lead plates grid will change to lead dioxide, requested oxygen will only come from the water in the electrolyte, so will consume much water, too. Sometimes, because of the fault of vent valve, mass hydrogen and oxygen will release from battery, lead to the water loss.

3. The battery after water loss means had increased the concentration of sulfuric acid. Because this concentration increase, the sulfation will become very heavy, and lower the ability of positive lead plates oxygen cycle. So the sulfation of battery will heavy the water loss, and the water loss will heavy the sulfation in reverse.


Above is not only for our batteries, but for all Chinese agm and gel battery, will avoid the problem and enhance the battery performance.

Please accordingly above to avoid the problems.


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  • Post time: Sep-06-2022